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a piece and now to new york where camden yards earned a special distinction and we will tell you what it was coming up. >> it's tuesday morning. you saw charley out there live. good morning and thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charl hello, has been live --charley has been live since 4:30 and he has had gloves and a coat an umbrella. here's lynette charles here to let you know what to do to prepare. >> it's chilly. and we can see temperatures in the low to mid-40s. 45 in clarksville right now. and make sure to grab the coat as you head out this morning. i am not talking about the light jacket. grab the cold coat -- coat because it's a chill in the air. dropping showers across harford county around bellair and port deposit and i-95 sliding up to cecil county. havre de grace and aberdeen getting into it this morning. lake shore and severna park and arnold and getting in on wet weather. doesn't forget the umbrella as you head out. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook patchy fog as well. >> reporter: expect reduced visibility as you head out. and we have severa
has details on the loss. >> fans waited 15 year to have postseason baseball here at camden yards. it was a packed house last night. a beautiful setting. they all had orange towels waving throughout. it's one of the games that's always great and the fans didn't have to be prompted to stand up and cheer. you didn't need the score board to tell you this was a baseball crowd. some postseason action. for eight inning, played beautifully. tied two apiece. in the ninth, jim johnson, the closer, not accustomed to coming in with a tie game. he did not have the command. that point forward. so a 7-2 loss incredibly disappointing indeed for the orioles. back at it monday night. and get to see what they are made of. all year long, they placed diversity. pulled together. managed to come together and get the job done. that's the past night. pretty important. if they go down 0-2 and they have to go to new york for a three-game sweep, likelihood of that is not good. tonight's game two is a must win. camden yards, i'm pete gilbert, send it back to you. >> any time outside of camden yards on sunday
>> the orioles postseason magic makes a triumphant return to camden yards after a 15-year hiatus. we're live against the yankees. the pharmacy it linked to the deadly outbreak issues a wide recall as maryland deals with its third case. a solemn service to remember some of the nation's greatest. the touching tribute to honor one of baltimore county's fallen firefighters. >> you are watching wbal 11. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> i am deborah weiner. the big season is post-season baseball returns to camden yards for the first time in 15 years. the orioles are waiting to take on the bronx bombers in the first game of the division series. home pride is running deep. we have live coverage. john collins has an update on the forecast. pete gilbert has a preview of the big game. we begin with sheldon dutes live outside of oriole park with all the excitement. >> the rain has started to come down heavier in the past five minutes. that is not stopping the fans from having a good time. people are gearing up for the game this afternoon. there is a rain delay for this evening's game. no word on
out the o's. more on the big winner from inside camden yards. >> after sunday night's game when jim johnson gave up five runs in the ninth inning, everyone afterwards said they had no reservations about him getting the ball again. they cannot wait for him to do so. and he did. he proved very worried -- worthy of that respect. >> we all trust each other here. we are all grown men. we have had our bombs along the way. -- bumps along the way. it is one of those teams atmospheres. i have never been in a clubhouse like that. that's what makes this year more special and fun. >> he was missing location last line. something he really does. he has got no fear. i do not think any of us doubted he would have that results in line. >> you want to get a win in front of the home fans. got it as new york, it is going to be tough. it is good for us to get the win. >> you cannot overstate the importance of the victory. now the orioles had to new york with any to take 2 out of t 3 2 events of the alcs. at camden yards, pete gilbert. that is as happy -- big understatement. we're live at camden yards. >
. game one tomorrow night at camden yards, first playoff game since 1997. buck showalter put his team through a light workout and in a surprise move, buck named hamels -- hammel as the game one starter. they beat the odds by defeating the rangers last night. but this team is far from satisfied. >> you win a series and win a big game and celebrate, you have to focus right back in. today was the day and that is good and get ready for tomorrow night. >> certainly have a great attitude. last time they faced one another, 1986 alcs. we know how that turned out. we hope we don't have another jeffrey maier incident. >> preparations are under way for the fans and city and camden yards. and we are live with more how o's magic has taken hold. >> less than 24 hours, baltimore bars and restaurants will be packed and camden yards will be packed and the field has president looked this good in, well, 15 yards. camden is getting dressed up. the buntings are all around. major league baseball's post-season sign was painted on the grass and shows up. national television crews are setting up additional ca
in camden yards. back to you. >> got to love that. already talking about the future. head to abc2news.com/orioles. check out our rakedown. chen versus pettitte. >>> we are not just an the field. you never know who you will run into. >> you never know. brian kuebler is outside the ballpark where he left someone with a little bit of inside knowledge. >> before we get to that i want to show you the gates just opened up at camden yards. there was a line around the corner on camden street. people just starting to file in for game time. we were down here at the yard working on the story for tonight, earlier today. not knowing what our angle would be and then we stumbled on one. last night's loss was a tough one, especially after a well played game. as a farntion i can tell you to was -- fan, i can tell you it was hard. the late game loss did temper that excitement. some feel the horal would be fine. today we ran into jim thome's family. his dad chuck said his son is very excited to be here for this turnaround season and think the o's are in a good spot. >> love showalter and all the guys. t
everybody. >>> 15 year wait is over, orioles fans got to say playoff game at camden yards but not without mother nature throwing them a curve ball. >>> meningitis outbreak continues to get worse. how many people in maryland are affected. a live update ahead. city officials want to make sure your children stay in school. the plans to combat chronic absences. thank you for joining us. charley crowson out live at the yard. we will check in with him in a bit. a rainy day yesterday. let's send it over to lynette charles. >>> it's here to stay for today and warming things up then. rain showers are gone, not picking up on a lot this morning. in to the afternoon, there is a possible for more rain to push in to the picture. we have the game tonight, but we could be having the rain gear and maybe rain delays. now, temperatures are very chilly this morning. very brisk, 41 arbutus. annapolis 46. 41 buoy. grab the coat as you head out the door. we are looking at the planner throughout the day. waking up to chilly temperatures around 9:00. 44 degrees. 48 around 11:00. lunchtime 54, with
glr's watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >>> camden yards comes alive with the sound of o's fans celebrating the moment we have been waiting for for the playoffs at home. they win and we have details in a live report. and also ahead, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky learns his fate. what the future holds for the convicted child sex abuser, we have a live report. >>> ravens want you to get out and get active. find out where you can meet theplayers and doing something healthy. details on that straight ahead on this tuesday morning. good morning and thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley crowson live at camden yards war few hours ago the orioles won game 2 of the american league division. we will have more on that in a minute. good morning but you see right there, meteorologist lynette charles let yowing know how the week is -- letting you know how the week is shaping up. >> we can see on marled's most powerful radar as of now, rain out there this morning. take the jacket with you as well as the umbrella. we will g
fans are already looking forward to next season. we are live it camden yard with the reaction to the spectacular season. >> it is hard to believe the season is over. and number of orioles fans wanted to express their gratitude to the team, so they decided to design the thank you card. as you can say, there is not much room left, which was totally expected after such an amazing season. >> thank you, orioles, for bringing excitement back to baseball. >> orioles fans could not wait to sign the thank you card for their beloved team. >> i have been an orioles fan as long as i can remember. >> i want them to know the city has their back, win or lose. they did a good job this year. >> it is their way of saying thank you to the team after making baseball relevant again in baltimore, by bringing back post season play after a 15-year drought. >> people were staying up late for the extra innings. it was really exciting. it was the best feeling in the world. >> the orioles trip ended friday night after a 3-1 lost to the yankees in a do-or-die game in new york. despite the disappointing lo
playoff game at oriole park at camden yards. good evening i'm jennifer gilbert.orioles fans have been in the playoffs... so what's two and a half hours more? mother nature causing a major rain delay.bbt it wasn'[t enough to keep passionate fans . away.melinda roeder... live at camden yards with more... melindd. even a delayed game. 3 3 the honor of throwing out the first pitch for tonight'ssgame special needs student who was shot on the first day of school. anddperry hall high schhol guidance ounselor, jesse wasmer.....wasmer--- thh gun away from the student who did the shooting..... putting his own lifeeon the line... and possibly saving the llves of many students,. a damp and chilly night also couldn't dampen the spirits of fans that packed bars around pickles pub....here fans chhering could be heard throughout baltimore. baltimore. 3 3 3 3 p3 33 3 3 3 3 3 people would show up in the i - rainy weather, here is your answer, we're at pickles pub the second best hing to being p's ....rioles!!!!"even a two hour rain delay...had áno chance oo dampening tonight's o's magii: maaic: "no
-- -- do no go up there hacaking. king. >> jennifer franciotti is live at camden yards with more. >> a game tonight is good but it home day on sunday and monday it would be better. they are printing generic orioles shirts. a win tonight means creating a divisional series shirts. and friday when bank would mean a huge boom in business for the hotels. -- a friday win would meet a huge boom in business for the hotels. then there's the beer. they have a very important client vital to sunday and monday's game, camden yards. that means all they can do right now is wait. >> it is extremely nerve wracking. we're sitting back waiting. we're getting tons of calls -- "i want the beer, i do not want the beer. i want the beer, i do not want the beer." we are going day by day, hour by hour. we're watching every pitch, every inning, just like the rest of the people are. >> a guy walked by and yelled, where is your orange? i am wearing an orange necklace. i hope we're in the same conundrum on sunday when we try to wear purple for the ravens and orange for the orioles. >> you can see the necklace. >> thank
to continue at least through tonight when the o's take on the yankees again in camden yards at 8:00. reporting live downtown, kim dacey, wbal news. >> this guy calls himself the happiest fan. he sure is the oldest. >> there he is. >> how about that? >> you can show us your best orioles shot. have you local in our mobile app to upload photos and video or go to the you local section of our website, wbal-tv.com. that's the weather water cooler question of the day. do you think the orioles can bounce back from last night's loss. send us an e-mail to water cooler at wbaltv.com. >>> the pharmacy that distributed the steroid linked to money gal meningitis issued a research of all of its products. the move was taken out of -- abundance of caution because of risk of contamination. a third marylander developed meningitis after receiving a tainted injection last month. the specific information will be released by the patient. nationwide, there are 90 confirmed cases across nine state, seven people have died including one person here in maryland. >> homicide detectives are investigating a late night shoot
orioles spirit tonight. d last nightebrate near camden yards. the classic cartoon oriole logo with bringing back the magic. >> absolutely. this is what brought it back. never stop. never stop. >> i get laughed out for the past 14 years. now people at work one ago, the orioles are doing grade. >> the orioles chances of winning the world series is 14 to 1. the orioles are now one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east. if they end up tied, there will be a one game tiebreaker. tickets will be available to fans. the intent is to pack camden yards with orioles fans. >> thank you. a baltimore county firefighter is charged with sexually assaulting two teenage boys. this may be the tip of the iceberg. kim dacey joins us live with details. what the police say the -- what did the incidents happen? >> these alleged sexual assaults happen between may and june of this year. the boy came forward just last week and said he was sexually assaulted by 23-year-old anthony cottle. he was staying with the boy's family. the teenager said he witnessed a friend being assaulted by cottle. cottle is
to the world series. we're live at camden yard with the latest. >> form policy plays a part in domestic politics this week. that story next. -- foreign policy plays a part in domestic politics this week. >> 11 news continues right now. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news today as 6:00. >> good morning. as think you for joining us. -- thank you for joining us. another day of mourning. to go a lot of it should clear out. may hang along the eastern shore a little bit later. we have 48 as the current temperature. that is a chilly start to the day. temperatures are below average into the afternoon as high as barely make it up to the upper 50s. fog this morning in showers as well. mostly cloudy for the rest of the day. ocean city in eastern shore may deal with the showers through the early morning and clear out in the afternoon. a slight warming up coming up for the seven-day but does not last long. >> good morning, everyone. the rain definitely affecting your ride. several accidents in the past few minutes. this could impact your ride. another accident
. big win for the orioles. charley crowson is abe loot camden -- is live at camden yards with a look at how fans are celebrating. >> reporter: we have a lot of celebration and happiness after the on the's -- o's win game 2 over the yankees. now things shift to the bronx. so the o's played pretty well and we will give you a preview and tell you what fans are saying, good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> are's watching the station that works for you. -- you're watching the station that works for you, now good morning maryland. >> she would have turned 16 but grace mccomas will never learn how to drive a car or go to prom. she took her life after cyber bullying. her cuss rinse hoping everyone will help remember her today. >> look at this video twr -- cousins are hoping everyone will help remember her today. and look at this video police say it could help solve a murder. >> reporter: who said what a recap of last night's game and the look ahead coming up in a moment. >> so charley is live down at the yard. being see him with the coat on. occasionally with an umbrella. so lynett
been 15 years since the orioles have been to the playoffs. camden yards was full of orange, not boston's blue and red. over 41,000 fans for a sunday game in late september. >> hopefully next year the first couple months of the season we get that crowd back. it's fun playing in front of 40,000 orioles fans. >> it was crazy. first time i have seen fans stand up and clear when it's not even the last out. >> reporter: the players -- as the angels wrapped up their first of two games on sunday. the game was put up on the board with an angels win they were unable to get a wild card game while in baltimore. >> our goal now is to try to figure out how to play for baseball here. >> reporter: a home game against the yankee s is a possibility on thursday. so many wins means this young girl's parents will feel better about their chosen name. >> the team was not great when we named her so we took a lot of flack for names her camden. if we change the spelling we thought we could get away with it. >> reporter: change it back after tonight. the orioles in tampa monday, tuesday and wednesday where w
in the old camden station, camden yards. >> we use any and everything to help us tell our stories. >> reporter: while many of them live on in displays for you to experience,. >> only three people have access to this space. >> reporter: the executive director said the room known as the vault is where some of the more precious items stay. >> here are thing that are not on display. thing that are in the collection or on permanent loan that help. >> reporter: before you can touch anything you must first put on white gloves. >> feel like mickey mouse. >> reporter: to avoid the natural oils and dust that can damage the items and that's just one of the measures. >> this space is kept in the dark at a cobb constant temperature. >> reporter: he said the artifacts range from things like the 1947 baltimore colts mascot saddle blanket. yeah, it was a real horse and yothink the teams colors were always blue and white. >> they weren't. they were green and silver. this proves it. >> reporter: it also has a ball cap from the old browns. >> 1953, they stopped existing and transferred to balt
's been 15 years since the o's have been to the playoffs. camden yards was full of orange not boston's blue and red. over 41,000 fans for a sunday game in late september. >> hopefully, next year, the first couple months of the season we get the crowd back because you know, it's fun playing in front of 40,000 orioles fans. >> it was crazy. first time i seen fans stan up -- stand up and cheer and it's not the last out of the game. >> reporter: the players stood by fans and angels wrapped up the first of two games against the rangers on sunday. the fame was put up on the board with a angels win the o's were unable to clinch a wild card game while in baltimore. >> the goal now is trying to figure out to play more baseball games at camden. >> reporter: a home game against the yankees is a polt on thursday. so many -- possibility on wednesday. this young girl's parents will finally feel bet ber her chosen name. >> the team was not great when we named her and took a lot of flak for naming her camden so if we changed the spelling we figured we could get away with it. >> that was sheryl conne
at the field at camden yard that didn't involve the orioles and emergency plane landing. as the sunrises on us today, baltimore is in tampa and orioles are heading to the playoffs. sherrie johnson is live with the story and sherrie, there is a lot of excitement in the air. >> reporter: yes, fans are very excited about the o's and rooting for them and they are in tampa today, tuesday and wednesday taking on the rays and you know it's going to be pretty tough games there but it was a little trekkie getting to tampa. team officials saw smoke in the kitchen area of the chartered plane. the pilot decided to land the plane in jacksonville. and thank goodness everyone was safe. now it's been 15 years since the on the's-- o's have been to the playoff and they have 23 more wins than last year and orioleswon all three against the red sox and the last home stand of the regular season camden yards was full of oranges over 41,000 fans turned out for a sunday game in late september. and a home game against the yankees is a possibility for thursday. everybody is rooting on the o's. reporting live in towson s
this morning, he is down at camden yards. we will check in with him in a bit. you might be tired this morning because of the long rain delay with the o's game. what is in store for tonight? let's send it over to lynette charles. >>> we have purple and blues on the map. looking at frost and freeze alerts across the area. to the west, looking at the frost advisory there until 8:00 this morning. we also have frost freeze warnings across the area as well. as you head out and about and towards the west, western maryland, be prepared for that. back here at home, we are dealing with chilly temperatures this morning, we can see glen burnie 42. 36 degrees and frostburg this morning. we are dealing with 30s across the board as well. we look at maryland's most sweeps on, it's scanni the skies, we are dry for now, that might not be the scenario in to the afternoon. make sure you take the poncho with you. you are probably going to need it. >>> a problem across the region, you want to be slow this morning, turn on the low beams to help navigate through the fog. now, on interstate 70, west of the beltway, t
and at camden street and camden yards at 6:00 and the marathon is at 8:00. that's time saver traffic. >>> two men will be sentenced for killing a man at the towson town center. the victim was shot last december. two suspects will go before the judge and face the possibility of life in prison. >>> a man accused of attempting to assassinate the president will be in court today. oscar hernandez fired shots at the white house. the first family was not home at the time. >>> tomorrow and a man shot on the first day of school and this is last month as he continues his recovery, the community wants to help out and coming up tomorrow, the blast will hold a sacker marathon from 2 to 6. the money will go to the 17 year old's medical bills. he had three surgeries since the shooting. >>> you can go out to eat and help out a great cause. police officers will serve as guests in red robin restaurants during a number of hours. part of the proceedings will go to the special olympics. >>> you make out the grocery lists and the shopping take as big chunk out of the weekend t happens but what if you can knock out
. >>> now abc 2news at 11. >> cold temperatures and playoff baseball. live from camden yards. >> interactions and decide that being a -- it can change someone. >> a birthday invite. a teen who took her life because of bullying. >> and we still have showers on radar. we are tracking it with you tonight in just a little bit. >> they said it was still under warran but it wasn't. >> will the home warranty cover the expensive repairs in the loopholes that could drain the wallet. >> it's like a repeat. for the second night we had to sit out in the rain delay and then watch the orioles win. >> its been a weird game of tag at home plate. a weird missed play that hardy didn't get. we witness the game as the orioles try to tight series up at two. christian. >> yeah. you take the weirdness on both sides, errors for both sides, they each have two good defensive teams. they have been throughout the regular season but -- both errors, two on each team leading to extra errors. in to the top of the 7th inning. the young rookie for the orioles still in the game. they haven't gone to th
orioles season. >> no more home games for the orioles this season. i'm live at camden yards with reaction from fans on this magical season. >> a chilly start to the weekend this friday night. frost by daybreak but huge changes for sunday. all the details straight ahead. >> they might pay $1 for something and we might be paying $1.79. >> how to take advantage of good pricing. >> abc 2 news at 11:00 starting right now. >>> the o's fought hard last night and took it to game 5. yankees cc sebathian was mast er masterful. we have live team coverage. jamie cosgareay live outside yankees stadium. don't you hate to lose to them than any other team in baseball? >> reporter: yes, i do. a lot of chances for the orioles to win tonight, they just couldn't get a big hit. jason, ham elevators, a great starts pitcher. we had joe saunders who just -- they were just great. here's the controversial call that turned the game around. o's down 1-0. it's a long fly ball down the line. did it hit the foul pole? yes, it did. the replays show it did. it would have tied the game. it was called foul. the empire ed u
or so. >> that is right. they are expecting the boston pulled up here at camden yards in a half an hour -- we are expecting the orioles to pull up here at camden yards in a half an hour. >> this is real reality tv. >> this family came from mount airy to come to the game. they bought i helps -- high hopes and some of the accessories. >> i am anxious. they are doing so good against new york. all we need is one run. >> as it turns out, the o's needed more than that. when they had a chance to tie it uptieos -- tie it up, o's fans called foul. >> i thought it hit the hole -- pole. i guess they saw a different. >> delay sparks of magic and the cloud -- crowd was more than happy. -- a late spark of hope and the crowd was more than happy. artie had a great season. -- >> we had a greart season. >> nobody would have expected to be in the playoffs. they deserved it. >> another live look at this crowd gathered at camden yards to welcome the orioles' home. fans have not taken anything for granted this season. that standing ovation he saw at the end of the game at the pub, one fan told me it is just
at camden yards. >>> all right, charlie is down at the yard this morning, a little chilly. >> you had an overcoat on. >> absolutely. >> you are representing the ravens. >> proud of the orioles each though it was a tough loss last night. you are think they will turn things around tonight. you will let us know how to navigate and the yard. obviously there will be a lot of people there. they will know if they need to take the poncho. >> this morning, overcoat. you saw charlie. see how chilly it is. frost and freeze alerts this morning. further to the west, not dealing with it across the area, you are going to be dealing with chilly temperatures this morning. speaking of the temperatures, look at what we have, i'm going to the 30s, mount airy, perry hall, 42 baytonsburg, temperatures below average, looking at patchy fog this morning in spots as well, seeing the humidity at 100%. those are the areas. also, right now, dry, maryland's most powerful radar, this is going to change as we go in to the afternoon and the evening. looks like today is going to be a carbon copy of yesterday, rainy in
a wild card game on friday. if they win and the yankees lose, then it will be a game tomorrow at camden yards against new york for the american league east. plenty of fans have come down to represent. what an unbelievable -- we have all these fans on the road supporting the orioles'. let's take a look at what we have seen. and unbelievably remarkable campaign in 2012. and the idea that something extraordinary was going to happen in fenway -- chris davis. 16th, 17th innings. the orioles somehow beat the red sox. in june, and jones dividend. this time, against the phillies. fors like they've made up generations of bad plays in one season. and not just the star's. other players got a ball off home runs. 10,000 kids became stands for lot. -- for life. he knew something magic could happen. >> probably in august, when everybody expected us to start dating. everybody said "the orioles are gone. we would go away." we kept winning more and more. >> i was a cherished every moment. you do not know how long until you get back their. cherish every moment. egos by quick. it is the most fun you will e
at camden yards will be the center of baltimore's attention as the orioles face the yankees in game one of the american league division series, 6:15 sunday night. local companies from print shops to retail shops were busy putting out merchandise like these t-shirts. a war up all night basically working to get them to the stores. -- they were working all night basically to get them to the stores. >> last night, it was crazy. i have not slept at all. we're just getting ready for today. we knew that it would be crazy before we got here. 7:00 in the morning, people are already waiting. we opened up at 8:00, we opened early, and we will probably stay late. >> we were there last night when the fans went nuts after the orioles recorded their final out against the rangers. of course, celebration it and sued and outside of these merchants. i was -- the celebration in sudan outside of these merchants. i was told they will not have any official alds orioles- yankees shirts. you can only get those shirts and the orioles when the alds and go on to win the alcs. tickets, sunday and monday are basical
are in the playoffs. keith mills will have more later in sports. >> kim dacey is live outside camden yards. >> how are the orioles faithful reacting to this amazing season? >> it has been amazing. fans cannot be more excited. the orioles swept the red sox. that win has guarantee them a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 1997. they are still tied with the yankees for first place. the big win last night has fans amped up. this has been a long time coming. it has been 15 disappointing seasons. >> i've been a fan since they were bad. this is my 22nd game of the season. i've been to a lot of games. i love to see them win. >> this city loves baseball. the city goes crazy. >> pete gilbert is in tampa bay for the final series against the rays. he will be live with the very latest as the orioles try to play for the divisional title. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. now that they're in the playoffs, do you think have what it all? to win bank it an you can share your response on wbaltv.com, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail
enthusiasm here at camden yards for sunday and monday's game 1and 2a pep rally for 10:30 on the lawn stephanie rawlings- blake tweeted this around 4 yesterday wanting to give the fans a chance to come out and support the orioles who were in new york for game 3 of the divisional playoffs and with the team on the road tonight, in new york, for a return to the playoffs, and the road game in new york, they have not been there since 1996, you may wonder what new yorkers think about the coming orioles invasion. we talked to a few on the streets last night in the big apple. let's listen to what they had to say. >> we are used to new yorkers invading boughtmore now our turn to do invading. black and orange is all over town and we are waiting for -- ready for game three. >> we play for the post season. this is all i've known. we have been in the post season every year for 15, 16 years or so mine os the one year. so, this is -- minus the one year so this is the regular season no offense. >> reporter: you think new york is worried about baltimore fans coming up here. >> no they are going to kil
and yankees stadium. charley is live at camden yards and i imagine o fans left in high spirits last night. >> reporter: they left the ball park in great spirits megan. 48,000 strong came out for a blue collar win by the team. sunday night's game one was about celebrating with the fans. you got to give the team that. and while it was a lost sunday last night anything but that. 48,000 strong look like we said came out and they were not disappointed. after the game, a number of players and media types and personalities tweeting about the orioles victory adam jones called it the first real victory in 15 years. there's much work to be done and modern family star said she didn't see the game but she was in rehearsal for parts of the show, but she was proud of the orioles nonetheless. after the game, the orioles were met in the clubhouse by peter angelos, the majority owner of the team and he congratulated each player individually for what they have done throughout the course of the year and jim johnson gave mr. angelos a game ball from the team's win in texas a few days earlier. that put them i
is up in camden yard where game two is still a couple of hours away. carol? >> reporter: hey, jim. yeah, it's starting to buzz around here. they opened up the doors and the fans are rushing in. first pitch isn't until 8:07. os and yankees, game two of the alds. the os trying to rebound after the loss last night. the washington nationals are back at it in st. louis we speak. game two versus the cardinals, up-and-down affair already. let's go to busch stadium and see how they're doing. nats trying to extend the the alds. top second, no score. jordan zimmermann, runners on first and second. zimmermann looped to right field. ian desmond to the third. bottom two, zimmerman on the mound, the results not as good as at the plate. two on. the single to right. molina comes home. the cardinals go up 2-1. they lead 5-1 in the fourth inning. >>> dan hellie is in st. louis. he will have a full report tonight on news4 at 11:00. meantime, chris cooley is stand big in the studios there in d.c. he's going to have more on "the cooley report." and that is later in sports. >>> coming up, a deadly air strike
-1 win but the wild card team. a win there sends them back home to camden yards. stop it, don't want to see that. ? the orioles have a day to get ready for the game. >> now it comes down to the wild card game on friday night. we are live in saint pete. a rough night to watch. >> reporter: it was. a lot of fans waiting for something to happen. they haven't done anything the easy way. they figured why start now? when it was a rough night for the orioles bats again which was the same story as last night. unlike last night they gave up a few runs and the rays managed to get the win. if the or could have gotten the win the wild card friday would have been at camden yards. instead it'll be in texas. the home of the range hoarse have been in the world series the last two year this rea good team but haven't played well lately. the orioles couldn't ghetto fence going. buck said that the pitching was most important and he said that at the postseason starts it'll be eveno eveno-- even more important. >> on top of the game. [inaudible] the people nah are playing time of year, starting friday
legends of camden yards. items few of us get a chance to see. >> reporter: for all the moments, milestones and stories still being written, sports play a big role in many lives. some of our heros are recognized by their haircut, others by their first name and some by a number. today you can find most of that in the old camden station. >> we use any and everything to help us tell the story. >> many of those live on in displays for new experience,. >> only three people have access to this space. >> reporter: mike gibbons said the room known as the vault is where some of the more precious items stay. >> things that are not on display. things in our collection or on permanent loan here that help us interpret storey when is we put them on display. >> reporter: before you can lay a hand on any of the artifacts in the museum you must put on the white gloves. >> feel like mickey mouse. >> reporter: to avoid the natural oils and dust from human skin that can damage the items. >> this space is kept in the dark at a constant temperature at all times. >> reporter: walking through he said the art
. >> the orioles baseball store camp -- at camden yards almost all and 2 yards -- two hours early. >> i am going to a least one of the games. >> fans are already on the road making sure the players see orange and black in the stands. the playoffs and here is not limited to hats and t-shirts. you can find everything. even aren't a black iphone covers. you can go to our mallets marmite at a power plant from 6:00 to 8:00 -- you can go to the power plant tomorrow from 6:00 to endicott. >> in a tie-breaker game might be played between the orioles and yankees on thursday if the teams are tied in a standing after wednesday's night game. tickets go on sale tomorrow for season-ticket holders between 10:00 a.m. and noon and and from noon until 2:00 to fans in the massing vieweing area. that includes maryland, d.c., pennsylvania, virginia, west virginia. tickets will then go on sale to the general public at 2:00 p.m. at our website, you can catch photos of excited fans and the le bird.d -- the oriokl buckle up. ship pitches with us by tapping u local on the wbal app. >> a baltimore -- firefighter is insult
and getting peady tootake on the yankees.. morgaa adsit is bbck from camden yards tonight with what players are sayinn about their ciiderelll season. there hasn't been much sleepp.. and i'm sure the smell of champagne is still arrund the orioles' luggage...but thee'rr back in the yard and rrady for tomorrow.game one of the a- l-d-s with he yanneess yaakees.yes i saiddit... a-l-d-s.whhch meens the orioles aae ii a real postt seasoo.but wait???.this team wasn't supposed to be in the playoffs...picked to finish at best by most basebaal experts pt the bottom of the a-l eastt. well that didn't happen... yet the orioles weren't favored to win at texas...and the yankeee are the favoriie for sunday's hatersskeep on hating.and baltimore's just fiie with that. p game preview...and we'll hear from jason haamel.see if he's knee is ready to old up for tomorrow's taat.later in sports unlimited. itt been 15 long years since tte last post season game at the indians in 1997.e o's and - 1997. melinda roeder is a camden yards tonight with the waited so long.ns who have -3 o's fans happily showed off &pt
unffld on the big screen at camden yards. johnson: we were going to be well watch with them and celebratt wth themweiterss the ans havv done a great job supportinggus this year it'' a special momenttto be out there therethe will card gameeis this friday... but where it will be held... is still up in the aii. a baltimmre woman claiming to have won the megamillion lost the ticket... is now being sued by some of her cowor. cowookers.back in april, jackpot, but later... deeied having the ticket in he first place.now her coworkers at of the lottery pool with her... want to make sure she didn't win.they believe it was part of a scheme wilson cooked up with her attorney... but a legal expert says...that's highly unlikely. 13:07:56 "it's a very fancifull very unlikely scenario, but in this world anything'' possible." possible."lottery officials have already said, wilson wasn't a wwnner, bbt rather three peopll who worked for the public school system. a teenager is recoveeing today... after falling off a 75-fooo waterslide at a ssx according tooa park spokeswoman... the teen cut in liie... divi
batch of rain that has to roll through and it will clip the camden yards area, it looks like. temperatures with right rain, tough nighto watch baseball. hope everybody bundles up. once that rolls through, out batch develop as we get into the morning hours. that's it for the night. for tonight, mostly cloudy, chilly, light rain and shows, lows in the 40s. we'll come back and talk about which of you will have a wet commute tomorrow morning and if temperatures get back to october levels. >>> thank you, top. this little kitten caused quite a commotion today. a man driving down route 1 in beltsville, when he heard a meowing sound coming out from under the hood. he figured, it's not my transmission. he pulled over, called the fire department, it took a few minutes, but the firefighters coaxed the three week old kitten out of hiding in the car. that kitten has a new home, by the way. one of the firefighters adopted him. >>> the latest on a disturbing report that finds tsa screeners are missing more liquids than they find. >>> some disturbing new details tonight about the failure rat
... cold.... rainy night at camden yards...///. for... the... second... tte... ame was delayed... due tt rain..../ but... o's fans ...aren't letting... last night'' loss / - or... the weather - . put... damper....on átheirá... excitement..../many... ástillá... win... his series..../ but... yankees ... aa... least... átwiceá... on the road. &p< "last nnght was great all the way up to the ninth inning... weere ready to go &pthe next night."><"therr's something special about thiss puppossd to lose, theyywin. - and when you think they're supposed to win, sometimes like llst niiht, they lost.">< to be honest with you">to win - 3here's... our quession of tte day.../ .despite last night's can bouuce back and beat thh division series?merrcan league seriie? this is our facebook page... nearly everyone is backing the discussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore 3 3 bad... and sad day ...for - after ... more than 3-decades together ... withhwife... "rhea perrman".../ the... two... are ...calling it quits...
: a few hundred people lined up at camden yards saturday morning. following a disappointing loss in new york. >> i saw nick markakis, mark reynolds, chris davis. >> jim hunter. >> reporter: sun is up. the season is officially over. orioles catcher matt weeders said it is the first time the extended season shortens his time off. >> i'll take a couple of weeks off and not take up baseball for a couple of weeks. when november gets here it is back to getting in shape. >> reporter: 2012 season will be remembered as one that brought baseball back to baltimore. it was a long 15 year wait for the playoffs. oakland fell in the final game against the yankees in the albs series. the manager and vice president of operations spoke. >> [ inaudible ] >> it was fierce competition that helps identify your strength and areas where you need to improve. >> reporter: the pitcher is proud of his first post season experience. >> there is no reason our pitching should not be good for years to come. it can add peace and get better. >> reporter: this energy from fans is likely to carry over to opening day. >> wh
waited at camden yards to welcome the team home.... for them,,its not buu its the year...that the - orioles brought baseball back to baltimore. "every game that they've has been nothing but bonuu points for us and you know its just a great team and all we want to do isssupport ttem aad go in the next yeaa and say hey comeeon guys lets do it aga" pgainn"tte orioles returned -h morning.ann many faas are already counting the days uutillapril sscond....when the orioles start thhir 20-13 season as they face tampa bay. and ccming up later innsports unnimittd...the man whh first season in altimore...m, 3 a edan driverris shot ddring a possiile rrbbery outsiie druid hill park! yrandaa shooting last monthh.. and the car service drivvrs. rivate myranda: the shootinnghere &poutsidd druid hill park... s the seconddinvolving sedan on alert. nats 3227 it's nn - job coming right now 28 as the owner oo hii own seean seevice concerned about his riders' -& it's a dangerous job, you know you driving people total sommting he's been reeinded of lately in baltimore city. police
where you were. but you are ready to party. >> reporter: they kicked me out of camden yards and said get out of here. the o's are on the road and sent me to city hall. remember what it was like in high school on fridays with the pep rallies before the football or basketball games? that's the same spirit they are going for today at city hall. around 10 crn 30, they will -- 10:30 they will strike up the bapped and get everyone -- band and get everyone ready for the game tonight. those fans to can't travel up to new york will be able to show their enthusiasm this morning outside city hall. they are looking for the voice, that undeniable spirit that produced 120 dessibility inside -- decibels inside camden yard they want to bring that here getting ready for the game tonight in new york. and as we turn our eyes northward towards the big apple, a lot of people may be heading that way for the game so they can have a sea of orange and new yorkers may have a different perspective. and don harrison takes a look what the they had to say about the coming o's invasion. >> reporter: we are used to new
yankees and the start of the american league division series. game one sunday night 6:15 at camden yards. games one and two will be at camden yards. games three, four and five if needed at yankee stadium. it all gets under way at 6:15. a spectacular sunday setting up for the ravens at 1. the oral at the yard at 6:15. i'm jerry sandusky. with news like that, i suspect all of our weekends are off to a fantastic start. >> happen by but tired fans this morning, too. it was a win 15 years in the making fp teams couldn't be happier. that was definitely evident last night. so happy for these guys. pete gilbert takes us inside all the messy fun that was had by the o's players and staff following their big win. >> please forgive my appearance, my smell. you might even be able to smell me back in baltimore after coming out of the orioles club house. that was quite the celebration. champagne and beer flowing. they finally had chance to celebrate a post season victory. it's been 15 years since they won a game in the playoffs. the champagne celebration, something special. >> watching the orioles come
in three starts at camden yards. the game time is 6:00. the players certainly not the only ones getting ready for tonight's big game. as george lettis explains, so are the fans who have waited a decade and a half to enjoy this ride. >> camden yards is getting dressed up for playoff pageantry. the buntings in the warehouse and all along the stands in foul territory. the postseason sign was painted in the grass and shows up all over the ballpark. national television crews are setting up cameras along the lower and upper decks, allowing viewers to see more angles of the game. all this preparation started hours after fans went crazy after friday night's win. by saturday's daylight, it was still the talk of the town. >> it's a good thing for the city. we were out last night. everyone was going wild. i haven't seen the city this pumped up since the ravens games or 1997. >> this local sportswear design shop worked all night to print the new playoff victory t-shirts and get them on the racks for eager fans. >> we know it's going to be crazy before we got here 7:00 in the morning, people were wa
of the fans stayed... to watch the rangers... angels games on the big screen at camden yyads... knowing a playoff spot was bewing... brewing...after 14 depressing ssasoos... what's annther hour &por so.and it was worth the waii.the texas rangers beat the los angeles angels in the second game of a double header yesterdayythat meanss.. the p'sshave clinched one of the american league wild carr spots.something some generationssof o's fans... have never even experienced. duutin & dave widener, 17: lives for this. yep. all our e lives."faaher: "she's gonna see the first time the orioles lot's happened since then. i pas here for the laat one. i'm gonna be here now. &pthe wild card game is this priday....where is when is still uppin the aii.the too wild card team wiil host the second team.as foo ticcets... the wild caad and the divisionaa games are already sold out! therees no doubt o's fans are feeling the magic.justtthis &pyear... more than two million fans ccae to see the orioles play.according to the team... that's the ost in five years. p'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. the searc
't seemed like an ace at camden yards. >> the players aren't the only ones getting ready for the game. so are the fans who have waited a decade and a half for this day to arrive. >> camden yards is getting dressed up for playoff pageantry. the buntings in the warehouse. television crews are setting up cameras along the lower and upper decks, allowing viewers to see more angles of the game. this preparation started hours after fans went crazy after friday night's win. >> i haven't seen the city this pumped up since the ravens games or 1997. >> this local sports wear design shop worked all night to print the new playoff victory t-shirts. >> we know it's going to be crazy before we got here 7:00 in the morning, people were waiting to open up. we opened up at 8:00. >> bars and restaurants have begun setting up barriers for the crowds that won't be in the ballpark for sunday's game. security experts are strategize for what will be a busy beginning of the week. >> opening day is pretty large needless to say and we are hoping it had been a miniature opening day. >> pickles pub and area businesse
again at camden yards you may have to wait. charlie standing any morning at the live -- by this morning at the live desk and charlie still a lot to be happy about this morning. >> a lot to be happy about megan. but like you said if we're going to see them play again in camden yards, there's still much work to be done. the orioles hope to end their regular season last night with win in tampa. that would have guaranteed at least one postseason game in camden yards but by way of the 4-1 loss to the rays, the yankees blowing out the red sox and oakland winning over the texas rangers, the orioles go on the road now for the one game wild card playoff. jeremy hellickson kept the ballots at bay and -- bats at bay and longoria, three home runs on the way to the win for him. as a result baltimore now travels to texas for the one game playoff friday night. it's not where they wanted to be. we've been telling you about that. but when you consider how far the team has come, you got to tip your cap and get ready to play at least one more postseason game. >> i told our guys how proud i am just sob ass
rooting for the orioles and hoping that they win in texas. camden yard here will be back here with the orioles fans both sunday and monday night. a lot of businesses and sitting in limbo at this point, especially hotels and folks that supply the beer. baltimore in limbo hoping to see if the orioles can beat texas in texas and come back to camden yards to beat the yankees. a lot of businesses find themselves in the classic hurry up and wait. they're planting generic sure it's right now but it would on friday means putting things into high gear and creating divisional series shirts. >> we are hoping that they are going to win. >> it will be great for the city, the restaurants, bars. >> over at the harbor place hotel, a friday when will mean a huge boom in business has traditionally yankees fans come to baltimore in droves. >> the new york fans are very supportive. they're famous for coming to baltimore for the games. we're looking forward to that demand, if that happens, comes saturday. >> and there is the beer. more than 160 employees are waiting with bated breath. not only do
on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. the fog is pretty thick in some neighborhoods. the dew point and the temperature are the same at the airport. that creates some fog. we have a warm front stalled across the city and south of town. 62 in taneytown. of the70's south boundary. this front should work its way to the north. it is taking its time. there are some showers popping up on the radar. some rain in cecil county. you could have some drizzle to contend with this morning. we have low pressure back in the ohio valley. a warm front that i just showed you. this should progressed to the east by late tonight and get off the coast tomorrow. high pressure will take control on thursday and friday. we still have a chance for some rain showers today. i don't think it will be widespread and have the rain. that should push the temperatures into the 70's in the northern suburbs. if you will be boating, the wins was shift to the southwest. waves one to two feet. tamara, a mixture of sun and clouds. -- tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds. 4% chance for showers sa
the orioles back in camden yards by the end of the week. oriole park is already busting tonight. we continue our live coverage. some very happy fans are gearing up. >> you are exactly right. i am a little confused. one thing i know, we are in the playoffs. how long has it been? the last time you were in the playoffs, i had red hair. at the orioles baseball store, playoff career was already on sale. fans were eager to buy it. >> i do not think there were too many people who thought this was possible. >> the opportunity to really take a whole division? cannot taha beat that. -- cannot beat that. >> many fans thought there was no way. >> i did not think they have much of a chance in the beginning. they have really come a long way. these young players are doing a good job. >> i thought they would win 70 games, but i did not think they would have a playoff contention spirit >> he has been a fan since his dad took him to his first game in 1958. this is definitely a season to remember. >> it has been a big surprise. the atmosphere like this. even in the late 1990's, i did not think the atmosphere's
is live outside camden yards this morning. what is the vive? >> it has been so unbelievable. it is a great time to be a baltimore sports time. for businesses, a little tricky because they play tonight but they are away. they are printing generic orioles t-shirt. at the renaissance hotel, a friday win would mean a true boom in business. then there is the beer. then 160 employees are waiting with bated breath. they have an important client vital to sundays and mondays game, camden yards. all they can do is wait. >> it is extremely nerve wracking. we get some of the calls -- i want the beer, i do not want the beer. we are going day by day and watching every pitch, every inning. >> a home game is also good for the city of baltimore with parking and read like tickets for fans from the visiting team. back to you. >> just sent tony and me the beer. thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. how confident are you the orioles will bring the playoffs back to baltimore this weekend? you can share your response on wbaltv.com, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to waterc
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